Innovation - the engine of success

Striving for new challenges

Our core themes rest upon a solid bedrock of perennial factors that have shaped our company since it was founded: a relentless quest to respond to new challenges, the, and, above all, a love for the automobile and its technology. These factors drive us to find even better solutions that continuously take our customers to the next level while continually exciting and inspiring them.

Fuel Cell Monitoring

Fuel cell stacks require continuous monitoring during running operation. This prevents damage and also means that crucial input variables, such as gas or air supply, can be controlled. The MAHLE Fuel Cell Monitor module has two microprocessors that process the signals from the fuel cell stack and provide feedback to the central control unit. When required, the voltage in the fuel cell stack can be discharged directly via a semiconductor module. The power distributor and discharge resistor should be housed on a cooling plate to ensure problem-free operation.

Oil free compressor Components

The new MAHLE components for the design of oil-free compressors represent a small revolution in the production of compressed air for commercial vehicle brake systems. Thanks to the use of a Nikasil?-coated cylinder in combination with a special teflon piston ring and a sliding lacquer piston coating on the piston skirt, oil lubrication—previously a crucial step—can be omitted without any impact on the service life. The advantages are evident: clean, oil-free compressed air flow, low maintenance costs, low weight, and low frictional resistance because no oil control ring is necessary. MAHLE offers the piston, piston ring, and cylinder as a complete unit. For the compressor manufacturer, this means minimal systems weight thanks to the use of aluminum pistons and cylinders, optimal temperature control of the perfectly harmonized components, and high durability.

MAHLE adsorption standstill air conditioning: a new concept

With its adsorption standstill air conditioning for trucks, MAHLE presents a completely new functional principle that eliminates the need for a mechanical compressor drive. It could more accurately be described as a thermal compressor, since the cold-generating process is driven by heat. Ideally, this can be provided by the existing fuel cabin heater. The cycle of evaporation, adsorption, condensation, and desorption does not require a compressor or other moving components and is therefore low-wear and totally noise-free. The actual adsorption system can be housed in an add-on box and only requires an additional heat exchanger—e.g., on the outer wall of the cabin—where the process heat is dissipated until just above ambient temperature.

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