Testing and research facilities around the world

Every component that MAHLE develops must meet very specific requirements for the start of production.

Regardless of the application and region, efficient functionality is just as important as operational safety over the specified service life.

Robust design lays the foundation, using the right materials and possibly coatings that suit the operating conditions for the component.

But it is not enough to develop a component in isolation. Investigating the interactions among components throughout the vehicle, especially within a system, is increasingly critical. This is the only way to evaluate the actual operating behavior of components and their interactions with other parts. An understanding of the overall system is thus the cornerstone of successful component development.

The module testing division at MAHLE is dedicated to investigating all of these aspects. Every component is tested in independent operation, within a system, and in the interactions between systems. Only this holistic testing approach can ensure durable components and ultimately a system that remains efficient throughout its specified service life.

This is made possible by the extensive experience that MAHLE has accumulated within its business segments and the basic philosophy of always understanding the overall system first before developing individual components.

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