Piston systems for passenger cars

The thermal and mechanical loads on pistons in modern gasoline and diesel engines have seen a massive increase, primarily due to higher levels of specific output. Furthermore, the pistons are intended to increase engine efficiency, for example through reduced weight and friction. The MAHLE product range includes highly stress-resistant pistons that contribute to reducing fuel consumption for both types of combustion.

Piston systems and their components

Gasoline pistons

The demands placed on pistons for gasoline engines have been continuously tightened over the past years. Higher performance requirements trigger increased thermal loads. At the same time, downsizing concepts have increased mean and peak pressures, while high-speed concepts impose greater inertia forces.

MAHLE provides years of experience and innovative solutions— and continuously adjusts the existing product range to tomorrow's requirements.

Forged pistons

The state of the art in motorsport is now used in highly loaded series production engines as well: the forged piston. For the same alloy, they have a finer microstructure than cast pistons. The production process results in greater strength. As a result, the pistons can withstand even the high loads in motorsport and in engines with exceptionally high specific output. They are already being used today in sporty series vehicles with over 130 kW/L. Another advantage of forged pistons is the potential to produce thinner walls, thus reducing weight.

Power Cell Unit

Modern engines place greater requirements on cylinder components than ever before: at higher operating temperatures and pressures, emissions must be reduced. This calls for innovative concepts and materials with unprecedented high performance.

With the power cell unit— consisting of the piston with rings and pin, cylinder liner, and connecting rod with bearing shells— MAHLE provides a system that offers the customer commercial and logistical advantages due to its simpler assembly and optimally coordinated design.

Diesel pistons

Injection pressures of up to 2,200 bar, mean pressures of up to 31 bar, peak pressures of up to 210 bar, specific power output of up to 100 kW per liter, and ever lower exhaust gas emissions— these are the current requirements for modern passenger car diesel engines.

In order to overcome severe loads due to high temperatures and pressures, MAHLE has developed passenger car diesel pistons made of aluminum as well as diesel pistons made of steel.

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