Clean driving pleasure with E

Low-voltage electric drive system consisting of a highly efficient brushless direct-current (BLDC) motor and an electronic controller. It is designed to operate in variety of electric vehicles in particular for light electric vehicles, light AT quadricycles, and electric motorcycles.

The motor includes high energy permanent magnets and low-loss materials to achieve motor efficiency over 90%. The motor speed torque characteristics are suitable for direct-belt drive applications and for various transmission solutions.

Thanks to the typical IPM motor configuration, this electric motor has excellent torque and power density. As it is a brushless variant, it requires no maintenance during its entire lifetime of typically over 20,000 hours.

The electronic controller is programmed to drive the electric motor in the efficient, field-oriented vector control and will function in various operation modes such as normal drive, ECO mode, booster mode, and regenerative braking. Other useful functions (temperature, current, undervoltage/undervoltage protection) are fully programmable. The controller is CAN-enabled.

Motors for electric brake boosters (EBB)

For brake boosting with an electric motor instead of a vacuum, MAHLE offers a 12 V mounted SPM BLDC motor. The motor is specifically designed for the needs of an electric brake booster (EBB). The scalable torque output makes it possible to meet individual customer requirements while featuring a robust design and high power density.

BLDC Motor for Electric Brake Booster
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