Cylinder components for commercial vehicles

Modern engines place greater requirements on cylinder components than ever before: higher operating temperatures and pressures as well as higher speeds with simultaneous limitations on emissions. All of these factors have made it necessary to create innovative concepts and materials that offer a higher performance than anything that has come before.

Cylinder components portfolio


Load capacity must be improved and wear and friction must be lowered in order to meet the current and future requirements for CO2 reduction. Stop-start or hybrid systems present a special challenge as the combustion engine is frequently switched on and off. Especially during the starting process, the bearings run through the range of mixed friction and must withstand particularly high loads.

Connecting rods

As the element that transmits forces and motions, it is subjected to alternating stresses and continuously increasing performance. The trend for connecting rods, however, is toward ever lighter components. The MAHLE connecting rods product range accommodates this challenge. With high-strength and innovative materials, MAHLE can more than fulfill the current requirements.

Cylinder liners

Due to the lift motion of the piston and piston rings, their partner—the cylinder surface—is also subject to high mechanical loads and must withstand increased ignition pressures and speeds. In order to reduce wear, the running surface should be smooth and the lubrication between the sliding partners must be ensured. The type and quality of the running surface effects oil consumption as well as the wear of the two components.

Piston pins

MAHLE piston pins feature highest quality, precision, and application versatility. They are manufactured with state-of-the-art multistation part formers. Innovative and complex forms can thus be achieved for increased stress resistance. Coatings based on PVD or DLC (diamond-like carbon) reduce wear and improve friction properties.

Piston rings

As temperatures, pressures, and rotational speeds continue to rise, piston rings are subjected to ever increasing loads. Concepts for lower wear and friction, better sealing, and greater break resistance are in demand. MAHLE is therefore continuously developing new coatings and ring design variants and offers the optimal piston ring or piston ring pack for every engine. The broad range of products includes compression rings and oil control rings in various designs, profiles, and technologies.

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