Leading performance in every dimension

Our product portfolio demonstrates our unique systems competence, as it addresses all crucial issues related to the powertrain and air conditioning technology—from engine systems, filtration, and electrics/mechatronics through to thermal management.

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Innovations for a clean world

-6%Less friction means lower fuel consumption: MAHLE has optimized the power cell unit—the unit comprising pistons, piston pins, and piston rings as well as cylinder liners—to the point where it has even less friction and can work almost effortlessly using low-viscosity oils. Thanks to the fully optimized engine mechanics, consumption can be lowered by 6 percent. Our latest generation of lightweight pistons, combined with a frictional-loss-optimized piston ring pack, results in a CO2 reduction of more than 2 percent.

-2%The energy efficiency of combustion engines can be further increased by regulating heat flows. This is precisely the job of the MAHLE liquid management module—a combined electric coolant pump and cooling circuit control that can save up to 2 percent in CO2 emissions. Depending on the type, a short warm-up phase for combustion engine cold starts, rapid control of coolant flows, and the management of several circuits at different temperature levels for different components using just one pump.

100%MAHLE has brought the first air conditioning system to use CO2 (R744) as its refrigerant to the market. The refrigerant is 100 percent natural, climate-neutral, and environmentally friendly. The air conditioning system is already in series production in a major German manufacturer’s luxury segment—securing a foothold in environmental protection for MAHLE.

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