The foundation of our success

With their diverse skills, commitment, and expertise, our employees are the foundation of our success and the key to the future of the MAHLE Group.

For this reason, a central focus of our HR activities has, for many years, been on the careful selection, thorough development, and further education of our workforce. By supporting our employees as their talents grow, we not only help them in their own personal development but also generate added value for MAHLE.

HR Boost!

Recruitment and employer branding

In order to continue to recruit, develop, and retain qualified and motivated talent as an attractive employer in the face of sustained high competitive pressure, MAHLE launched the HR Boost! strategic project. As part of the global personnel strategy, HR Boost! encompasses and combines several subprojects in the areas of employer branding, recruitment, career development, and diversity.


Charta der Vielfalt (diversity charter)

By signing Germany’s Diversity Charter, MAHLE has shown its group-wide commitment as a supporter and promoter of diversity and of appropriate programs and initiatives that are conducive to the idea of diversity.

Formula Student

A further important cornerstone of our HR marketing is Formula Student. MAHLE also supports this initiative around the world through investments and training measures. Globally, MAHLE sponsors 29 teams: 20 in the Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle class and 9 in the Electric Vehicle class.

Promoting the balance of work and family life

Employee-friendly working conditions, such as flexible working hours, part-time work, and working from home, have been part of our personnel policy in many countries for some time.

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