Our business segments and profit centers:


Engine Systems and Components business unit

Since our early days, the development of piston systems and cylinder components has been a core competence at MAHLE. Because we understand the interaction of engine components, we can deliver optimal solutions to our customers. Our products are used around the globe in two-wheeled vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and large engines.

Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit

MAHLE manufactures filters, pump systems, and oil coolers for engine and transmission applications—all of which are designed to increase the engine’s efficiency and service life and reduce emissions. We are thus contributing to clean air and preventing engine damage resulting from oil and fuel contamination.

BUThermal Management


Thermal Management business unit

An increasing electrification of the powertrain calls for superior innovative capacity in thermal management—for batteries and the entire electric powertrain alike. MAHLE is a technological pioneer when it comes to the thermal management of batteries. Our solutions ensure constant temperature levels and an even distribution of temperature between battery cells.

Electronics and Mechatronics business unit

Electronic and mechatronics components are playing an increasingly crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of the powertrain and advancing e-mobility. With its electric drives, actuators and auxiliaries, and control and power electronics product groups, MAHLE already offers relevant solutions in this area today.

BUElectronics and Mechatronics



Aftermarket business unit

Aftermarket supplies a broad portfolio of products and services in original equipment quality to the trade and automotive workshops worldwide. In addition to standard spares, such as engine parts, filters, turbochargers, and mechatronics components, Aftermarket is increasingly offering products for thermal management, vehicle diagnostics, exhaust gas analyzers, and service equipment for maintaining HVAC systems and automatic transmissions.

4 Profit Centers:

Engineering Services, Motorsports, and Special Applications

This Profit Center develops and produces highend engine components for the entire Motorsports industry as well as components and systems for high-performance production vehicles. The Engineering Services cover the entire range of drive system development.

Large and Small Engine Components

The PC Large- and Small Engine Components is partner to all leading engine manufacturers. MAHLE works closely with manufacturers to develop new materials and new products for more robust and even more efficient engines. Optimization of existing components and systems plays an important role here.

Industrial Thermal Management

The profit center Industrial Thermal Management is one of the world's leading original equipment manufacturers today, developing cooling and air conditioning systems as well as complete thermal management solutions that are used in various mobile and stationary off-highway areas.

Control Units

The profit center Control Units develops and manufactures control and operating devices for vehicle air conditioning. The range includes simple, mechanical as well as semi-and fully automatic operating devices with a high degree of simple, intuitive operation.

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